Cleaning Tips for Home

Bedrooms, Family/Living Rooms

  • Start by dusting objects that are higher up, so later on the dust doesn't fall on items already cleaned.
  • While vacuuming your carpet, take some extra time and vacuum underneath the beds, tables, etc.
  • Clean your phones with an alcohol-based cleaner to eliminate germs.
  • Clean the back of electronics like a TV with the hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner.  
  • Clean wooden furniture with a furniture cleaner; it will protect and shine the furniture for much longer than just dusting with a dry cloth.


  • Clean the toilet bowl once per week with a toilet bowl cleaner.  Millions of bacteria build up in just a few days.
  • Wipe off shower doors with a towel or squeegee after each use to avoid soap scum build-up.  


  • If something spills in the refrigerator, clean it up right away to avoid bacteria build-up.  
  • Check once per month for anything that may have expired.
  • While cooking, attempt to rinse and put anything that can go into the dishwasher promptly, for less clean-up after dinner.
  • Clean the cabinets with a wood cleaner to protect and make them look like new.

Vinyl Floors

  • Vacuum/Sweep the floor first, it will make washing a lot easier.
  • Wash the floor with a floor cleaner and not products like soap or dish soap, which might make the floor become too slippery. 
  • Wax the floors with a vinyl floor wax 3-4 times per year.  It will help protect the floor, which will continue to look like new.

Hardwood Floors

  • First vacuum the floor with the highest vacuum setting, or the floor setting if available.
  • Clean the floor with a hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Do not clean your floor with water, as it will eventually ruin it, and there is no recourse.
  • Lay hardwood floor wax twice per year to give the floor that new and shiny look.